1. Sentimental Military Documentaries
  2. Sentimental Mother-Son Comedies
  3. Sentimental Military 20th Century Period Pieces
  4. Sentimental Road Trip Comedies
  5. Sentimental Family Reunion Movies
  6. Sentimental Family Dramas based on real life
  7. Sentimental Children & Family Movies from the 1970s
  8. Sentimental Mother-Daughter Tearjerkers
  9. Sentimental Mid-Life-Crisis Dramas
  10. Sentimental Ghost-story Movies
  11. Sentimental Romantic Coming-of-age Movies
  12. Critically-acclaimed Sentimental Romantic Comedies
  13. Sentimental Father-Son Tearjerkers
  14. Sentimental East Asian Comedies
  15. Sentimental Hindi-Language Dramas
  16. Sentimental Fight-the-System Dramas
  17. Sentimental Indian Movies from the 1980s
  18. Sentimental Foreign Musicals
  19. Classic Sentimental Dramas from the 1950s
  20. Sentimental Canadian Movies
  21. Sentimental Romantic Foreign Movies
  22. Sentimental Romantic Biographical Movies
  23. Sentimental Slice of Life Documentaries
  24. Sentimental Family Features based on children's books
  25. Sentimental Tearjerkers for Hopeless Romantics
  26. Sentimental Courtroom Movies
  27. Sentimental Foreign Father-Daughter Movies
  28. Sentimental Movies for ages 5 to 7
  29. Sentimental First-Love Movies based on Books
  30. Classic Sentimental Dramas based on real life

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