1. Understated British TV Mysteries
  2. Dark Mysteries from the 1970s
  3. Suspenseful BBC Mysteries
  4. Gritty Murder Mysteries
  5. Independent Psychological Murder Mysteries
  6. Spy TV Mysteries
  7. Visually-striking Dark Murder Mysteries
  8. Violent Murder Mysteries
  9. Gritty Mysteries based on Books
  10. Ominous Psychological Murder Mysteries
  11. Showbiz Murder Mysteries
  12. Cerebral Suspenseful British TV Mysteries
  13. Forensics TV Mysteries
  14. Suspenseful TV Mysteries from the 1990s
  15. British Independent Mysteries
  16. Gritty Mysteries based on contemporary literature
  17. Independent Mind Game Mysteries
  18. Chase Mysteries
  19. Time Travel Mysteries
  20. Dark Foreign Murder Mysteries
  21. Conspiracy TV Mysteries
  22. Critically-acclaimed Gritty Mysteries
  23. Dark Mind Game Murder Mysteries
  24. Vampire TV Mysteries
  25. Supernatural Mysteries from the 1980s
  26. East Asian Revenge Mysteries
  27. Cerebral British TV Mysteries
  28. Psychological Mysteries based on Bestsellers
  29. Critically-acclaimed Dark Psychological Mysteries
  30. Gritty Mysteries Featuring a Strong Female Lead

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