1. Dark Romantic Psychological Thrillers
  2. Dark Romantic Mid-Life-Crisis Movies
  3. Cerebral Romantic Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  4. Dark Romantic Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  5. Movies starring Liv Ullmann
  6. Romantic Miniseries from the 1990s
  7. Movies starring Dustin Hoffman
  8. Romantic Dramas starring Helen Mirren
  9. Romantic Movies starring Sam Neill
  10. Understated Romantic Dysfunctional-Family Movies
  11. Sentimental Musicals for Hopeless Romantics
  12. Cerebral Romantic Dramas
  13. Understated Foreign Steamy Romance
  14. Witty Romantic Opposites-Attract Comedies
  15. Gory German-Language Movies
  16. Romantic 20th Century Period Pieces based on real life
  17. Sentimental Romantic Showbiz Movies
  18. Romantic Dance Comedies
  19. Dark German Gay & Lesbian Dramas
  20. Violent Hit-man Thrillers
  21. Romantic Crime TV Dramas
  22. Romantic Movies based on real life from the 1950s
  23. Critically-acclaimed Dark Romantic Foreign Dramas
  24. German Movies from the 1930s
  25. Romantic Foreign Road Trip Movies
  26. Emotional Teen Romance
  27. Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winning Romantic Movies
  28. German Documentaries about Art & Design
  29. Discovery Channel Man vs. Nature TV Shows
  30. Romantic Spanish-Language Comedies

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