1. Suspenseful Independent Gangster Movies
  2. Sentimental Independent Father-Son Movies
  3. Quirky Independent Buddy Movies
  4. Quirky Independent Underdog Comedies
  5. Understated Independent Psychological Thrillers
  6. Dark Independent Dramas
  7. Understated Independent Father-Daughter Movies
  8. Feel-good Independent Comedies on Blu-ray
  9. Raunchy Independent Satires
  10. Classic Dark Independent Movies
  11. Cerebral Independent Father-Son Dramas
  12. Independent Serial-Killer Thrillers
  13. Cerebral British Independent Movies
  14. Independent Buddy Late Night Comedies
  15. Visually-striking Independent Dramas from the 1980s
  16. Mind-bending Suspenseful Independent Movies
  17. Witty Canadian Independent Movies
  18. Goofy Independent Buddy Late Night Comedies
  19. Cerebral Independent 20th Century Period Pieces
  20. Dark Independent Sports Dramas
  21. Dark Irish Independent Movies
  22. Goofy Independent High School Movies
  23. Dark Independent Dysfunctional-Family Thrillers
  24. Witty Independent Showbiz Satires
  25. African Independent Dramas
  26. Dark Romantic Independent Dramas based on Books
  27. Cerebral Independent Dramas from the 1980s
  28. Emotional Independent Dysfunctional-Family Movies
  29. Critically-acclaimed French Independent Dramas
  30. Independent Amateur Detective Dramas

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