1. Emotional Canadian Independent Dramas
  2. Witty Independent Dramas from the 1980s
  3. Emotional British Independent Dramas
  4. Understated Romantic Independent Dramas on Blu-ray
  5. Cerebral Canadian Independent Dramas
  6. Quirky Independent Gangster Movies
  7. Emotional French Independent Dramas
  8. Dark French-Language Independent Dramas
  9. Swedish Independent Dramas
  10. Understated Spanish-Language Independent Dramas
  11. Gory Independent Serial-Killer Horror Movies
  12. Independent High School Thrillers
  13. Visually-striking Independent Movies on Blu-ray
  14. British Independent Road Trip Dramas
  15. Visually-striking Quirky Independent Movies on Blu-ray
  16. Independent Action & Adventure from the 1970s
  17. Dark Independent Thrillers on Blu-ray
  18. Independent Road Trip Dramas
  19. Witty Independent College Movies
  20. Independent Road Trip Thrillers
  21. Scary Independent Crime Movies
  22. Oscar-winning Emotional Independent Movies
  23. Raunchy Independent Showbiz Comedies
  24. Independent Crime Dramas on Blu-ray
  25. Gritty Independent Dramas based on Books
  26. Sentimental Independent Father-Daughter Dramas
  27. Mind-bending Independent Movies
  28. Dark Independent Showbiz Comedies
  29. Quirky Romantic Independent Movies on Blu-ray
  30. Imaginative Romantic Independent Movies

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