1. Foreign Movies set in Imperial China
  2. Foreign Biographical Movies from the 1970s
  3. Ominous Foreign Supernatural Horror Movies
  4. Foreign Immigrant-Life Dramas
  5. Exciting Foreign 20th Century Period Pieces
  6. Classic Understated Foreign Movies from the 1960s
  7. Sentimental Foreign Father-Daughter Movies
  8. Foreign Underdog Dramas
  9. Controversial Foreign Movies based on Real Life
  10. Gritty Foreign Political Documentaries
  11. Gritty Foreign Sports Dramas
  12. Violent Foreign Kung Fu Movies
  13. Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy set in Ancient Times
  14. Suspenseful Foreign Rogue-Cop Movies
  15. Cerebral Foreign Revenge Dramas
  16. Foreign Biographical Military Dramas
  17. Dark Foreign Revenge Dramas
  18. Visually-striking Foreign Forbidden-Love Movies
  19. Foreign Con-Game Movies
  20. Violent Suspenseful Foreign Movies on Blu-ray
  21. Emotional Foreign Crime Movies
  22. Foreign Detective Movies
  23. Inspiring Foreign Political Movies based on Real Life
  24. Gritty Foreign WWII Movies
  25. Romantic Foreign Movies set in Ancient Times
  26. Critically-acclaimed Foreign Comedies from the 1960s
  27. Foreign Space-Travel Movies
  28. Violent Foreign Musicals
  29. Foreign Drug Movies
  30. Gritty Foreign Gangster Thrillers

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