1. Dark British Ghost-story Movies
  2. Dark Romantic East Asian Dramas
  3. Visually-striking Dark Sci-Fi Thrillers on Blu-ray
  4. Dark Deadly Disaster Sci-Fi Horror Movies
  5. Dark Supernatural Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  6. Dark Suspenseful Movies from the 1930s
  7. Dark Con-Game Thrillers
  8. Dark Fight-the-System Social & Cultural Documentaries
  9. Critically-acclaimed Dark Foreign Political Movies
  10. Dark Race Against Time Movies
  11. Golden Globe Award-winning Dark Independent Movies
  12. Dark Suspenseful Movies based on classic literature
  13. Best Screenplay Oscar-winning Dark Movies
  14. Dark Movies starring Ed Harris
  15. Visually-striking Dark Dramas from the 1920s
  16. Dark Hebrew-Language Movies
  17. Visually-striking Dark French Movies
  18. Dark Independent Revenge Dramas
  19. Dark Brazilian Dramas
  20. Dark Political Movies on Blu-ray
  21. Dark Movies based on classic literature from the 1980s
  22. Dark Social Issue Dramas from the 1980s
  23. Dark Gay & Lesbian 20th Century Period Pieces
  24. Dark Dysfunctional-Family Art House Movies
  25. Dark Demon Movies
  26. Dark Supernatural Mysteries
  27. Dark Movies starring Richard Gere
  28. Dark British Independent Dramas
  29. Dark Suspenseful True Crime Movies
  30. Dark Teen TV Dramas

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