1. Dark Mysteries from the 1980s
  2. Dark Mother-Son Movies based on Books
  3. Dark British Historical Era TV Movies
  4. Dark East Asian Thrillers
  5. Golden Globe Award-winning Dark Dramas based on Books
  6. Dark Romantic Lesbian Dramas
  7. Dark Romantic War Movies
  8. Visually-striking Dark Political Movies
  9. Dark Independent Mysteries
  10. Dark Foreign Musicals
  11. Visually-striking Dark Movies based on Books
  12. Dark Cantonese-Language Action & Adventure
  13. Dark Dramas based on classic literature from the 1940s
  14. Dark Romantic First-Love Dramas
  15. Visually-striking Dark Dysfunctional-Family Movies
  16. Critically-acclaimed Dark British Independent Movies
  17. Classic Dark Italian Dramas
  18. Dark Independent First-Love Movies
  19. Dark Zombie Movies
  20. Critically-acclaimed Dark Conspiracy Thrillers
  21. Dark Romantic Art House Movies
  22. Dark Dramas starring Ed Harris
  23. Dark Romantic Dramas based on classic literature
  24. Dark Foreign Immigrant-Life Movies
  25. Dark Foreign Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  26. Classic Visually-striking Dark Movies on Blu-ray
  27. Dark Independent Buddy Comedies
  28. Dark Father-Son Movies on Blu-ray
  29. Dark Romantic Chinese Dramas
  30. Dark Serial-Killer Movies based on real life

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