1. Critically-acclaimed Emotional British Dramas
  2. Critically-acclaimed British Documentaries
  3. Critically-acclaimed Understated East Asian Movies
  4. Critically-acclaimed Spy Thrillers on Blu-ray
  5. Critically-acclaimed Foreign Coming-of-age Movies
  6. Critically-acclaimed Father-Son Documentaries
  7. Critically-acclaimed Emotional Crime Movies on Blu-ray
  8. Critically-acclaimed Controversial Crime Movies
  9. Critically-acclaimed Lesbian Dramas
  10. Critically-acclaimed Movies based on real life
  11. Critically-acclaimed Understated French Documentaries
  12. Critically-acclaimed Revenge Comedies
  13. Critically-acclaimed Prison Dramas
  14. Critically-acclaimed Understated Gay & Lesbian Movies
  15. Critically-acclaimed Dark Australian Dramas
  16. Critically-acclaimed Cerebral Movies from the 1960s
  17. Critically-acclaimed Buddy Dramas
  18. Critically-acclaimed Dark Swedish Movies
  19. Critically-acclaimed Witty Coming-of-age Comedies
  20. Critically-acclaimed Farsi-Language Movies
  21. Critically-acclaimed British Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  22. Critically-acclaimed Witty British Dramas
  23. Critically-acclaimed Vietnam War Dramas
  24. Critically-acclaimed Sentimental Dramas on Blu-ray
  25. Critically-acclaimed Heartfelt Social Issue Dramas
  26. Critically-acclaimed Foreign Psychological Movies
  27. Critically-acclaimed Girl Power Animation
  28. Critically-acclaimed Dance Comedies
  29. Critically-acclaimed Gritty French Movies
  30. Critically-acclaimed US Civil War Dramas

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