1. Classic Crime Comedies from the 1940s
  2. Workplace TV Comedies
  3. Chinese Action Comedies
  4. Witty Spy Comedies
  5. Imaginative Cult Comedies
  6. Exciting Romantic Action Comedies
  7. Romantic Foreign Coming-of-age Comedies
  8. Spy Action Comedies from the 1980s
  9. Independent Action Comedies
  10. Raunchy Independent Showbiz Comedies
  11. Dysfunctional-Family Comedies
  12. Witty Romantic Comedies from the 1960s
  13. Quirky Dysfunctional-Family Comedies
  14. Critically-acclaimed Sports Comedies
  15. Quirky Comedies about Fame
  16. Feel-good Romantic Independent Comedies
  17. Witty Classic TV Comedies
  18. Classic Slapstick Comedies from the 1930s
  19. British Fight-the-System Comedies
  20. Classic TV Comedies from the 1970s
  21. Feel-good Romantic Showbiz Comedies
  22. Cynical Comedies
  23. Exciting Foreign Kung Fu Action Comedies
  24. East Asian Kung Fu Action Comedies
  25. Con-Game Comedies from the 1950s
  26. Race Against Time Comedies
  27. Goofy British Comedies from the 1950s
  28. African-American Buddy Comedies
  29. Critically-acclaimed Witty Opposites-Attract Comedies
  30. Monkey Family Comedies

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