1. Classic Goofy Slapstick Comedies from the 1960s
  2. Classic Witty Suspenseful Spy Movies
  3. Classic Feel-good Movies for ages 8 to 10
  4. Classic Revenge Action & Adventure
  5. Classic Romantic Crime Dramas
  6. Dark Military Movies based on classic literature
  7. Classic 20th Century Period Pieces from the 1970s
  8. Classic Visually-striking French Dramas from the 1960s
  9. Classic Suspenseful Movies on Blu-ray from the 1950s
  10. Classic Foreign Dramas from the 1950s
  11. Classic Dramas set in Ancient Times
  12. Classic Emotional Movies from the 1960s
  13. Romantic Crime Dramas based on classic literature
  14. Wilderness-survival Dramas based on Classic Literature
  15. Classic Gambling Movies
  16. Classic Prison Dramas
  17. Classic Revenge Movies
  18. Classic Movies on Blu-ray
  19. Classic Suspenseful Supernatural Movies
  20. Classic Psychological Dramas
  21. Classic Crime Comedies from the 1930s
  22. Classic Campy Movies from the 1960s
  23. Classic British Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  24. Classic Emotional Movies based on real life
  25. Classic French-Language Movies from the 1970s
  26. Classical Instrumental Music
  27. Classic Military Dramas from the 1950s
  28. Classic Father-Daughter Movies from the 1950s
  29. Classic Art House Movies on Blu-ray
  30. Classic Witty Comedies from the 1930s

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