1. Dark British Drug Movies
  2. British Biographical Movies about Fame
  3. British Biographical Forbidden-Love Dramas
  4. Best Cinematography Oscar-winning British Dramas
  5. Critically-acclaimed Cerebral British Political Dramas
  6. British Dramas set in Ancient Times
  7. Raunchy British Sitcoms
  8. Quirky British Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  9. Cerebral British Historical Documentaries
  10. Critically-acclaimed Dark British Movies
  11. Inspiring British Music and Concert Movies
  12. Gritty British Spy Movies
  13. British Gay & Lesbian Movies based on real life
  14. British Science & Technology Movies
  15. Dark British Dramas from the 1970s
  16. British Dramas about Royalty from the 1970s
  17. British Crime Thrillers on Blu-ray
  18. Chilling British Thrillers
  19. Critically-acclaimed Cerebral British Dramas
  20. British Nature & Ecology Documentaries
  21. Romantic British Wedding Movies
  22. Suspenseful British Haunted House Movies
  23. Romantic British Biographical Movies about Royalty
  24. Gritty British Military Movies
  25. Dark British Period Pieces based on classic literature
  26. British Social Issue Dramas based on real life
  27. British Biographical Crime Movies
  28. British Military Movies from the 1970s
  29. Emotional British Father-Son Movies
  30. Gritty British Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead

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