1. Biographical Movies about Parenthood
  2. Gritty Biographical Sports Movies
  3. Oscar-winning Emotional Biographical Dramas
  4. Biographical Tortured-Genius Dramas
  5. Emotional Foreign Biographical Dramas
  6. Emotional Biographical Movies for ages 11 to 12
  7. Exciting Biographical Sports Documentaries
  8. Foreign Biographical Dramas
  9. Feel-good Biographical Music and Concert Movies
  10. Oscar-winning Biographical Movies on Blu-ray
  11. Visually-striking Biographical Tortured-Genius Dramas
  12. Independent Biographical Tortured-Genius Movies
  13. Classic Biographical Movies from the 1930s
  14. Emotional Biographical Faith and Spirituality
  15. Cerebral German Biographical Movies
  16. Classic Dark Biographical Movies
  17. Foreign Biographical WWII Movies
  18. Cerebral Biographical Dramas on Blu-ray
  19. Visually-striking Biographical Period Pieces
  20. Foreign Biographical Sports Movies
  21. Best Screenplay Oscar-winning Biographical Dramas
  22. Understated German Biographical Movies
  23. Gritty Biographical Movies from the 1970s
  24. British Biographical WWII Movies
  25. Emotional Biographical Sports Movies
  26. Biographical Forbidden-Love Period Pieces
  27. Critically-acclaimed Biographical True Crime Movies
  28. Foreign Biographical Period Pieces
  29. Biographical Showbiz Music and Concert Movies
  30. Indian Biographical Movies

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