1. Romantic East Asian Gay & Lesbian Movies
  2. Gory East Asian Revenge Horror Movies
  3. Visually-striking East Asian Art House Movies
  4. Visually-striking Dark East Asian Dramas
  5. Violent Southeast Asian Revenge Action & Adventure
  6. Asian Action Movies from the 1980s
  7. Dark Southeast Asian Movies
  8. East Asian Underdog Movies
  9. Dark Suspenseful East Asian Supernatural Movies
  10. Violent East Asian Ghost-story Movies
  11. East Asian Hit-man Thrillers
  12. Spy Asian Action Movies
  13. East Asian Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  14. Violent East Asian Gangster Thrillers
  15. Gory East Asian Action Thrillers
  16. East Asian Talking-Animal Family Animation
  17. Emotional East Asian 20th Century Period Pieces
  18. East Asian Comedies on Blu-ray
  19. Scary East Asian Revenge Movies
  20. Gory East Asian Crime Thrillers
  21. Critically-acclaimed East Asian Art House Movies
  22. Gory Southeast Asian Movies
  23. Asian Action Movies set in Ancient Times
  24. Gritty East Asian Gangster Action Thrillers
  25. East Asian Crime Action & Adventure on Blu-ray
  26. East Asian Revenge Action Thrillers
  27. East Asian Samurai Action & Adventure on Blu-ray
  28. East Asian Thrillers from the 1980s
  29. Southeast Asian Sports Movies
  30. East Asian TV Cartoons for ages 11 to 12

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