1. Heartfelt Mother-Son Movies
  2. Talking-Animal TV Cartoons for ages 2 to 4
  3. Classic Art House Movies
  4. East Asian Revenge Martial Arts Movies from the 1980s
  5. Cerebral German Movies about Art & Design
  6. Heartfelt Tearjerkers
  7. Imaginative TV Cartoons for ages 11 to 12
  8. Dramas starring Kristen Stewart
  9. Heartfelt Family Features based on children's books
  10. Movies about Art & Design on Blu-ray
  11. Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling
  12. Sci-Fi & Fantasy starring Patrick Stewart
  13. Cantonese-Language Revenge Martial Arts Movies
  14. Heartfelt Romantic Movies from the 1980s
  15. Heartfelt Scandinavian Movies
  16. Heartfelt Children & Family Movies about Cats & Dogs
  17. Cerebral German Documentaries about Art & Design
  18. Classic Dark Art House Movies
  19. Kids Cartoon Network for Kids
  20. Violent Martial Arts Movies from the 1970s
  21. Martial Arts Movies starring Chuck Norris
  22. Heartfelt Biographical 20th Century Period Pieces
  23. Cerebral Eastern European Art House Movies
  24. Martial Arts Movies directed by Wai-keung Lau
  25. Imaginative TV Cartoons from the 1990s
  26. Heartfelt Tearjerkers Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  27. Heartfelt Political Historical Documentaries
  28. Cantonese-Language Martial Arts Movies from the 1980s
  29. Mandarin-Language Martial Arts Movies
  30. Heartfelt Hindi-Language Movies

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