The Rules of Attraction


The Rules of Attraction is in these genres:

  1. Cynical Independent Movies
  2. College Comedies
  3. Movies starring Kate Bosworth
  4. Cynical Movies
  5. College Movies
  6. Movies starring James Van Der Beek
  7. Visually-striking Independent Movies
  8. Independent College Movies
  9. Movies starring Jay Baruchel
  10. Independent Comedies based on Books
  11. Movies starring Eric Stoltz
  12. Movies starring Kip Pardue
  13. Independent Movies based on Books
  14. Movies starring Faye Dunaway
  15. Visually-striking Independent Movies based on Books
  16. Independent College Comedies
  17. Cynical Comedies
  18. Cynical Independent Comedies
  19. Movies starring Jessica Biel
  20. Visually-striking Comedies

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