Monseñor: The Last Journey of Óscar Romero


Monseñor: The Last Journey of Óscar Romero is in these genres:

  1. Gritty Fight-the-System Movies
  2. Spanish-Language Biographical Political Movies
  3. Foreign Fight-the-System Movies
  4. Inspiring Latin American Movies
  5. Emotional Biographical Fight-the-System Movies
  6. Inspiring Political Movies
  7. Emotional Spanish-Language Movies
  8. Inspiring Foreign Documentaries
  9. Latin American Biographical Documentaries
  10. Gritty Spanish-Language Movies
  11. Latin American Biographical Political Movies
  12. Fight-the-System Documentaries
  13. Emotional Foreign Political Movies
  14. Gritty Biographical Fight-the-System Movies
  15. Spanish-Language Political Documentaries
  16. Gritty Foreign Biographical Movies
  17. Inspiring Biographical Political Documentaries
  18. Emotional Foreign Documentaries
  19. Emotional Foreign Fight-the-System Movies
  20. Inspiring Biographical Fight-the-System Documentaries
  21. Biographical Fight-the-System Documentaries
  22. Gritty Foreign Biographical Documentaries
  23. Whistleblower Movies
  24. Inspiring Foreign Political Movies
  25. Emotional Biographical Political Documentaries
  26. Latin American Political Movies
  27. Emotional Foreign Biographical Movies
  28. Gritty Assassination Movies
  29. Emotional Political Documentaries
  30. Biographical Fight-the-System Movies
  31. Gritty Political Movies

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