King of the Hill


King of the Hill is in these genres:

  1. Critically-acclaimed Sentimental Dramas
  2. Sentimental Dramas based on Books
  3. Dark Dramas based on real life
  4. Critically-acclaimed Dark Biographical Movies
  5. Critically-acclaimed Understated Dramas
  6. Critically-acclaimed Dark Movies based on Books
  7. Critically-acclaimed Dark Biographical Dramas
  8. Sentimental Biographical Movies
  9. Movies starring Katherine Heigl
  10. Depression Era Movies
  11. Sentimental Dramas based on real life
  12. Critically-acclaimed Understated Dramas based on Books
  13. Dramas starring Adrien Brody
  14. Movies directed by Steven Soderbergh
  15. Movies starring Elizabeth McGovern
  16. Critically-acclaimed Understated Movies based on Books
  17. Sentimental Dramas
  18. Critically-acclaimed Sentimental Dramas based on Books
  19. Sentimental Biographical Dramas
  20. Critically-acclaimed Dramas based on real life
  21. Critically-acclaimed Sentimental Biographical Movies
  22. Dark Biographical Movies
  23. Critically-acclaimed Sentimental Movies
  24. Critically-acclaimed Understated Biographical Movies
  25. Understated Biographical Movies
  26. Understated Biographical 20th Century Period Pieces
  27. Sentimental Movies based on Books
  28. Understated Movies based on real life

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