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  1. Critically-acclaimed Emotional Social Issue Dramas
  2. Quirky Foreign Documentaries
  3. Amateur Detective Made-for-TV Movies
  4. Visually-striking Music & Concert Documentaries
  5. Critically-acclaimed Inspiring Movies
  6. Goofy Revenge Satires
  7. Iranian Comedies
  8. Suspenseful Independent Gangster Movies
  9. Independent Sports Movies
  10. Movies set in Biblical Times
  11. Goofy Family Features for ages 8 to 10
  12. Family-friendly Girl Power Movies on Blu-ray
  13. Gory Movies directed by Wes Craven
  14. Feel-good British Dramas based on classic literature
  15. Romantic Bollywood Movies from the 1970s
  16. Witty Independent Movies based on Real Life
  17. Spanish-Language Biographical Political Movies
  18. Australian Crime Thrillers
  19. Emotional Underdog Dramas based on real life
  20. Quirky Independent Revenge Movies

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