Discover movies you've never even heard of...

  1. Oscar-winning Screwball Comedies
  2. Critically-acclaimed Dark Independent Comedies
  3. Movies directed by Ron Underwood
  4. Gritty British Movies based on contemporary literature
  5. Classic Feel-good Romantic Movies from the 1950s
  6. Violent Chinese Thrillers
  7. Scary Crime Movies based on real life
  8. Dramas starring Christina Ricci
  9. Irreverent Independent High School Movies
  10. Quirky Gay & Lesbian Dramas
  11. Understated Foreign Comedies
  12. Violent Foreign Revenge Thrillers
  13. Critically-acclaimed Gritty British Dramas
  14. Movies directed by Charles T. Kanganis
  15. Critically-acclaimed Understated Romantic Movies
  16. Exciting Monster Movies
  17. Movies starring Tito Ortiz
  18. Dark British TV Shows from the 1980s
  19. Critically-acclaimed Crime Action & Adventure
  20. Cerebral Military TV Shows

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