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  1. Hong Kong Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  2. Movies starring Frank Langella
  3. Critically-acclaimed Quirky Movies on Blu-ray
  4. Violent Rogue-Cop Action Thrillers
  5. Gory Martial Arts Movies
  6. Dark East Asian Thrillers
  7. Suspenseful British Con-Game Movies
  8. Spanish Independent Movies
  9. for Kids
  10. British Biographical Political Period Pieces
  11. Gritty First-Love Movies
  12. Violent Movies based on real life
  13. French Horror Movies from the 1980s
  14. Scary British Thrillers
  15. Suspenseful Movies starring Patrick Bergin
  16. Independent Showbiz Musicals
  17. Controversial Military Movies
  18. Goofy High School Children & Family Movies
  19. Movies starring Ted Danson
  20. Chilling Suspenseful Movies on Blu-ray

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