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  1. Violent Canadian Psychological Movies
  2. Classic Witty Crime Thrillers
  3. Classic Witty Musicals
  4. Fantasy Movies based on Contemporary Literature
  5. Best Screenplay Oscar-winning Dramas based on Books
  6. Spanish-Language Heist Movies
  7. Gritty Social Issue Dramas based on real life
  8. Classic Dark German-Language Dramas
  9. Emotional French Movies
  10. Violent Suspenseful Cult Serial-Killer Movies
  11. Dark Movies starring Bette Davis
  12. Inspiring Independent 20th Century Period Pieces
  13. Road Trip Comedies from the 1970s
  14. Action & Adventure starring Yasuaki Kurata
  15. Controversial Fight-the-System Movies
  16. Hindi-Language Con-Game Movies
  17. Visually-striking Imaginative Family Features
  18. Raunchy Workplace Comedies
  19. African-American Action Thrillers
  20. Music and Concert Movies on Blu-ray

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