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  1. Quirky Gangster Movies
  2. Visually-striking Emotional Dramas
  3. Gritty Military 20th Century Period Pieces
  4. Talking-Animal Saturday Morning TV from the 1980s
  5. Critically-acclaimed Cerebral Dramas
  6. Violent Suspenseful Serial-Killer Movies on Blu-ray
  7. Quirky Biographical Documentaries
  8. Oscar-winning British 20th Century Period Pieces
  9. Karate Dramas
  10. Suspenseful Classic TV Shows from the 1970s
  11. Independent Comedies about Food
  12. Classic Political Movies from the 1960s
  13. Suspenseful Independent Movies based on Books
  14. Scary Road Trip Movies
  15. Absurd Road Trip Comedies
  16. Emotional Coming-of-age Dramas based on Books
  17. Visually-striking Thrillers from the 1970s
  18. Prison Movies from the 1930s
  19. Dark Revenge Period Pieces
  20. Suspenseful Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy from the 1950s

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