Discover movies you've never even heard of...

  1. Chase Movies from the 1970s
  2. Movies starring Roddy McDowall
  3. Understated Hebrew-Language Movies
  4. Emotional Dysfunctional-Family Movies from the 1980s
  5. Visually-striking Steamy Romance
  6. Inspiring Biographical Boxing Movies
  7. Exciting Romantic Hindi-Language Movies
  8. Emotional Eastern European Movies
  9. Dark Suspenseful Psychological Movies based on Books
  10. Feel-good Coming-of-age Comedies
  11. Feel-good Movies about Food
  12. Oscar-winning Crime Movies
  13. Controversial Science & Nature Documentaries
  14. Westerns directed by Andrew V. McLaglen
  15. Foreign Lesbian Movies
  16. Critically-acclaimed Emotional Showbiz Dramas
  17. German-Language Musicals
  18. Critically-acclaimed Foreign Forbidden-Love Dramas
  19. Suspenseful Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy from the 1950s
  20. Critically-acclaimed Romantic Independent Comedies

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