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  1. Scary Haunted House Movies
  2. Gory Canadian Movies on Blu-ray
  3. Screwball Comedies from the 1950s
  4. Dramas starring Charlotte Rampling
  5. Violent Fight-the-System Action & Adventure
  6. Imaginative Talking-Animal TV Shows for ages 5 to 7
  7. Understated British Biographical Movies
  8. British Biographical Military Movies
  9. Classic Visually-striking Foreign Silent Movies
  10. Thai Mixed Martial Arts
  11. Family-friendly Music and Concert Movies
  12. Critically-acclaimed Understated Movies from the 1980s
  13. Biographical Period Pieces on Blu-ray
  14. Heist Westerns
  15. Suspenseful Movies starring Brad Pitt
  16. Critically-acclaimed Science & Technology Movies
  17. Spanish-Language Revenge Action & Adventure
  18. Movies starring Michel Serrault
  19. British Musicals from the 1960s
  20. Emotional Political Movies on Blu-ray

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