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  1. Cerebral Independent Dramas based on Books
  2. Suspenseful Foreign WWII Movies
  3. Southeast Asian Supernatural Horror Movies
  4. Gritty Comic Book and Superhero Movies
  5. Visually-striking Crime Asian Action Movies
  6. Golden Globe Award-winning Drug Movies
  7. Goofy Hong Kong Martial Arts Movies
  8. Lesbian Forbidden-Love Movies
  9. Action & Adventure starring Sunil Shetty
  10. Chinese Biographical Documentaries
  11. Understated Romantic Independent Dramas on Blu-ray
  12. Scary Hong Kong Movies
  13. Family-friendly French TV Shows
  14. Critically-acclaimed Drug Dramas
  15. Critically-acclaimed Understated German Movies
  16. Exciting War Dramas
  17. Scary Suspenseful British Supernatural Movies
  18. Dark Assassination Movies on Blu-ray
  19. Feel-good Girl Power TV Shows for ages 2 to 4
  20. Visually-striking Violent Movies from the 1980s

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