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  1. Emotional British Political Dramas based on Real Life
  2. Goofy BBC Comedies
  3. Suspenseful Supernatural TV Shows
  4. British Zombie Horror Movies
  5. French WWII Movies
  6. Dark Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead on Blu-ray
  7. Exciting Historical Era TV Shows
  8. Heartfelt WWII Movies
  9. Classic Myth & Legend Movies
  10. Dark Chinese Revenge Movies
  11. Teen Underdog Movies
  12. British Independent First-Love Movies
  13. Goofy African-American Action Comedies
  14. Nickelodeon
  15. Race Against Time Comedies on Blu-ray
  16. Dance Movies from the 1970s
  17. Dark Mad-Scientist Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  18. Witty British Dramas based on classic literature
  19. Fairy Tale Movies for ages 11 to 12
  20. Emotional Action Thrillers on Blu-ray

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